Gilad Meiri
Hello kind reader - my name is Gilad Meiri.

When I’m not out there backpacking with my family, I call Israel and California my homes. I first started cooking at age sixteen. Back then I had no real definition as to why this was pleasurable to me – it just was. Since then through the chopping, the slicing and dicing and various other cooking-related activities, I discovered that cooking, for me, is not only a great creative outlet but also an honest to god spiritual experience.

Years after I’ve cooked my first pot of rice, spending hours a day in the kitchen is still my idea of a good day, despite the puzzled looks I get from Daphne, my wife. Cooking is also a great way to spread the love – share fun and nourishing creations with my loved ones and people all around.

This project is presented to you with love. It combines my joy of cooking, writing and product work. I hope you’ll find it helpful and fun to use. I welcome any comments, suggestions, harsh criticism and wild praise.

Why High Cookery
Food and cannabis are extremely tethered – they always come together. Either through the consumption of edible marijuana or, most commonly, the inevitable phenomenon that follows the ingestion/inhalation of cannabis – the munchies.

Back in the days when marijuana was an illegitimate cultural experience, stigmatically reserved to the stoners, the potheads or however you’d like to catalog them – good food was not always an issue to consider. However, nowadays cannabis is gaining more social legitimacy as people acknowledge its healing properties, even when consumed recreationally. As a result, a much wider audience is exploring cannabis and for some, yours truly included, eating junk is just not a good companion for the high experience.

I believe that high quality, nourishing food is a great supplement for the high experience. Let food uplift your taste buds alongside cannabis, your spirits. After numerous social gatherings with friends and neighbors where I shared many a creative dish, the idea of the High Cookery project was conceived.

With the helpful cheering of my friends and the motivation to spread the love, I got to cooking. After many joyful tasting events and countless hours in the kitchen, I decided time was upon us and launched High Cookery. I truly hope you’ll enjoy it!