The Dosage Guide Part 2 – Find the Right Dose for you

The Dosage Guide Part 2 – Find the Right Dose for you

 This item describes how to find the right dose for you when consuming cannabis through edibles. If you’re interested to learn how to determine the potency of your newly cooks edible, press here

Figuring out the accurate dosage of an edible you are about to consume is extremely important, especially for the newbies. While I have no desire to discourage any of you to experiment and explore the realm of edible marijuana, it is worth mentioning that most negative psychoactive effects within this realm, occur when digesting marijuana (as opposed to inhaling it).

The main reason for this is the variance in how THC is absorbed amongst different people and the delayed effect of edible marijuana which can take up to three hours. Smoking or vaping, on the other hand, provide an almost immediate high and users can supplement (i.e. smoke or vape more) as much as they deem favorable. With edibles, it is very important to understand exactly how much it is that you’re consuming to prevent uncomfortable scenarios.

When deciding on your dose you need to take into account your tolerance level. If you’re new to edible cannabis, naturally assume your tolerance level is low. As you progress with your exploration you will gain more confidence in knowing your limits.

Beginners and users with low tolerance should start with an initial dose of 5mg. This dose should get you high but, in most cases, will allow you ample sensory control as the intoxication will be fairly mild. If you’re anxious about ‘losing control’ you can take as low as half of that but be prepared to feel very mild effects and, in some cases, virtually nothing at all.

If you’re just beginning – I wouldn’t recommend consuming more than your predetermined dose for 24 hours to make sure all the effect has run its course. Then, after the time has passed, introspect about the experience and decide whether you’d like a stronger euphoric sensation. If so – up the dose by 2.5mg intervals until you reach that golden spot.

A “standard dose” is loosely considered 10mg. This is roughly the equivalent of half a joint (for the difference between dosing edibles, vapes, and joints press here). Store-bought cannabis edibles are often found in 5mg or 10mg intervals. 10mg will typically get you solidly high as it will enhance your mood, slow down your coordination and calm you down.

Doses that are higher than 10mg should be reserved for the everyday users or those amongst you who’ve traveled ample mileage in the land of edible cannabis. Personally, I require 20mg to get to the right place but that high baseline is definitely the result of my habitual use.

I have ventured past the 20mg doses several times (including that one time where I miscalculated the potency of my cannabis oil and ingested a 100mg dose). Whenever I consume these amounts, I make sure the set and settings are right and that I have a nearby support resource to assist me if need be. I do not recommend you go there unless you are extremely familiar with how your body and mind respond to edible weed.

Below I’ve added a table that summarizes the various THC dosages and their intended use. Please use this purely as an informal recommendation. If you’re concerned about toxicity when consuming cannabis please refer to this article.

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